Emergency Notification for Significant Events

Considered and Passed January 28, 2016

Julington Creek Plantation Community Development District

Notification of District Manager, District Counsel and Board of Supervisors Regarding Significant Events

It is the policy of the District that the General Manager shall notify police in all cases where a law has been broken on District property. The intent of this policy is to provide clear direction to management and its staff that anytime a law is broken on District property, the police should be called to complete a police report and appropriate incident reports shall also be completed by management on behalf of the District and appropriate action taken against the offender(s). Management shall maintain a separate emergency action plan for staff and residents in the event of an emergency.

The District’s General Manager shall notify the District Manager, District Counsel and each of the District’s Board of Supervisors when any of the following significant events occur on District property:

 Ambulance is called on site and an individual(s) is removed from the District’s property.

 Law enforcement is called to the District’s property.

 Suspension or termination of a resident or annual paid user’s privileges at the District’s facilities.

The General Manager shall notify the District Manager, District Counsel and Board of Supervisors as soon as possible but in no event more than 72 hours after the event giving rise to the notification. The General Manager shall make such notifications by e-mail unless the nature of the event necessitates a phone call to each of the persons identified herein. The General Manager shall ensure that his or her staff are made aware of this policy and shall develop employee policies that require District employees to notify police when any law is broken on District property and notify the General Manager immediately if any of the before mentioned events occur.