Campaign Policy

Policy Regarding Political Campaign Activities At District Facilities

No persons may campaign on behalf of political candidates, whether partisan or

nonpartisan, or political issues at the District’s Recreational Facilities, except in

predetermined areas designated for such activities, as more specifically provided for

herein. The District’s intent is to ensure patrons are able to use the Recreational Facilities

without interruption by activities normally associated with political campaigns and to

ensure safety and order within the facilities. The following guidelines apply:

• Political campaigns are afforded the same opportunity as other persons or groups

to rent District meeting room space at published rates.

• No political campaign signs, flyers or related documents are to be posted in or on

District owned property, including District bulletin boards, and if discovered,

such postings will be removed immediately.

• No political campaign signs, flyers or related documents are to be disseminated

while in the District’s Recreational Facilities.

• To allow for the efficient and timely conduct of District business during public

Board meetings, no political messages, paraphernalia (including but not limited to

shirts, buttons, signs or the like), political public comments or otherwise are

allowed in or during a public meeting of the Board of Supervisors in furtherance

of the candidacy of any candidate for public office.

District employees may not campaign for candidates or political issues while on duty or

use the District’s resources in furtherance thereof.

Neither Board members nor District employees may use their official authority or

influence for the purpose of coercing or influencing another’s vote or coercing or

influencing another into paying, lending or contributing any part of his or her salary, or

any money, or anything else of value to any party, committee, organization, agency, or

person for political purposes.

Candidates for a District Board seat may not, in furtherance of his or her candidacy, use

the services of District employees during working hours.

NO person shall make and no person shall solicit or knowingly accept any political

contribution in a building owned by a governmental entity. For purposes of this

subsection, “accept” means to receive a contribution by personal hand delivery from a

contributor or the contributor’s agent. This subsection shall not apply when a

government-owned building or any portion thereof is rented for the specific purpose of

holding a campaign fund raiser.