Alcohol Policy



The Julington Creek Plantation Community Development District ("CDD" or "JCPCDD") operates community facilities and desires to provide a welcoming and healthy environment to all age groups and patrons. In an effort to provide an enjoyable experience to its members and guests, and in an effort to achieve the status of a Florida Responsible Vendor under Chapter 561, Florida Statutes, the JCPCDD desires to adopt the following provisions for its alcohol policy:

1. The purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person under the age of 21 years of age will result in removal from the premises and potential prosecution. The CDD will verify ID’s of anyone who appears to be under 30 years old. Staff will do his/her best at preventing third party consumption from taking place by minors at the CDD.

2. Any staff member knowingly selling or providing alcohol to any person under the age of 21 years of age or to a third party that is providing alcohol to any person under the age of 21 years of age shall be immediately dismissed from employment.

3. JCPCDD participates in the Florida Responsible Vendors Act.

4. All staff associated with the sale of alcoholic beverages, must within 30 days of employment, and Managers, within 15 days, must undertake and pass our Alcohol Server Training program (TIPS) Training for Intervention Procedures, and prior to taking such course the staff shall be supervised.

5. All staff shall attend tri-annual, or more often as required, meetings on reasonable vending subjects, policies and procedures.

6. All employees that serve alcohol must complete a questionnaire assessing whether the employee is precluded by law from serving or selling alcohol.

7. Alcohol may be served or consumed between the hours of 7am and 1am as per Florida Statutes Chapters 561 through 565, 567 & 568 & St John’s County Ordinance 2010/24 (Amend Ord 90-48)

8. As per Health Department Regulations all food and beverages must be kept at least 4 feet from the pool perimeter and are not allowed in the pool.

9. No alcohol shall be consumed or served within any designated children’s area or playground.

10. Only alcohol purchased by and through the CDD may be consumed on CDD Property or at CDD sponsored events. Absolutely no outside alcohol may be brought onto CDD Property for consumption.

11. JCPCDD operates a Zero Tolerance protocol with regards to guests becoming belligerent or abusive. Should a situation arise, your Manager on duty should be contacted immediately.

12. JCPCDD operates a Zero Tolerance protocol for staff, residents or annual pass holders that use, manufacture, distribute, sell or possess illegal or unauthorized

substances on any CDD premises. The CDD reserves the right to permanently eject any person in violation of this policy and call the proper authorities for enforcement.

13. The staff shall make every effort to prevent over serving where people become disruptive. If staff notices a problem, the Manager on duty should be contacted to take action. Before removal, the Manger will investigate and try to resolve the problem. In the end, the Manager on duty has the final say if a customer is to be removed.

14. Staff shall attempt to avoid serving customers to the point of intoxication. Staff shall not serve a customer who appears to be already intoxicated. Staff will speak with the customer and watch for and observe signs of intoxication. The staff will use tact, understanding, their best judgment and patience when denying alcohol service to customers. The Manager on duty will be notified and offer support to staff in such a determination.

15. In the case of an incident involving problems like refusing service or ejecting a customer etc., the details of the incident shall be recorded in a logbook. The Manager or a staff person assigned by the Manager will write the incident report. The report shall include the date and time of the incident; names of customers involved; witnesses; what staff did. All incident reports are to be reported to the General Manager.

16. Only authorized personnel are allowed behind the café serving area or the external grill area.