Counselor in Training Program

2019 Counselor in Training Program

We are proud to announce that this season we will be offering a limited number of Counselor in Training spots for anyone between the age 13 and 15 years old. We will be accepting 2 participants for weeks 5 and 10. Participation in the program is by selection.

Those interested in the program must complete an application process, which includes an application, references and an interview.


We require that Counselors in Training pay the tuition of $150 per week and attend camp during regular camp sessions. Since a Counselor in Training program is a training program, Counselors in Training are not paid, nor is a job at the completion of the program assured.

Program Overview

The Counselor in Training program is designed to develop the people and technical skills necessary to be an effective camp counselor. It is not "working" at camp. A Counselor in Training is still technically a camper and therefore bound by many of the same rules and restrictions as regular campers.

Counselor in Training programs teach management and leadership skills and can provide basic training in such skills as first aid, group leadership, time management and a variety of outdoor skills. Counselor in Training programs can lead to leadership opportunities at school, in extracurricular activities and at future jobs.