Overview of Fiscal Year 2013/2014
Julington Creek Plantation Community Development District

The District has enjoyed a successful year. We continue to reduce costs while maintaining our excellent customer service and continuing important programs for our residents and paid users.

Impressive savings have been made by virtually all departments, compared to the fiscal year 2013/2014 budget. The total budget saving is anticipated to be approximately $259,000. Major contributors to this saving are the following departments: Administration, $88,000 saving; Front Desk, $37,000 saving; and Property Department, $58,000 saving.

$87,000 of our total saving was attributable to savings on salaries. We continue to monitor our staffing levels in all departments and have and will continue, to streamline where appropriate.

For the first time Child Watch was able to show a positive contribution of nearly $8000 to the District’s budget, this was largely attributable to a very successful summer camp and the hard work of my Child Watch Director who took over the duties of Camp Director upon very short notice when the Camp Director fell ill.

Swim Team had a challenging summer due to the loss of their Age Group Coach. It was a long and exhaustive process to secure his replacement, but the wait was worth it and we now have in place an even stronger coaching team to take the Loggerheads to the next level. Furthermore, the swim team has been able to produce an impressive set of financial results; they have regained a substantial number of swimmers and will be reporting a contribution to the District in the region of approximately $39,000. This more than covers the expenses for heating the pool and lifeguard coverage at the Aquatics Center, which totals approximately $20,000, when Loggerheads are utilizing the pool. As a reminder, no District assessments were used for the instillation of the pool heaters at the Aquatics Center. The Loggerheads swim team raised the money to pay for the heaters and installation, and donated the heaters to the District.

Tennis enjoyed their first member guest tournament, which was a great success and should act as a spring board for future events. The Tennis Department contributed approximately $15,000 in revenues to the District; unfortunately, they were negatively impacted by the amount and timing of the rain this year. It is important to understand that all the tennis pros work on a commission basis and the commission is derived from revenue received from the tennis programs. The Director of Tennis and our two Head Pros also receive a salary (minimal for the position) plus their commission.

My continued focus will be to grow revenue and reduce costs wherever possible and to continue to deliver great customer service in a clean, well maintained facility for all to enjoy.

Other Departmental Highlights:

Overall Budget
Our total actual budget expenditures for the District for fiscal year 2014/2015 (which began October 1st and runs through September 30, 2015) is $4,644,655 for FY15, including bonds.

Our revenue collected from programs, events and Food & Beverage operations was $1,570,326 for fiscal year 2013/2014.
Our consumption of electricity was reduced by over 15% during fiscal year 2013/2014, due in large part to steps taken by our property department.

Staffing levels fluctuated from 116 in the winter, to 178 in the summer months, the majority of which are part time staff. We have 11 full time salaried Managers.
No bonuses have been paid to any staff member for the past two years. 401K benefits were removed over 3 years ago.
Raises to staff were based on the individual staffer’s evaluation and not all staff received the same percentage increase in salary.

Swim Team
We have over 200 children enjoying the Loggerheads swim team experience.

Our tennis program generated $459,104 in revenue for fiscal year 2013/2014. While court usage at the District is high, there are currently no plans to build new courts. For fiscal year 2014/2015, money previously earmarked for construction of one court was removed from the District’s capital reserve projections.

Other Programs/Offerings/Updates:

The introduction of our Farmers Market this year has been a huge success.

The new skate park has transformed the SportsPlex area, resulting in a 25% increase in usage.

Our new Tae Kwan Do Class has been a great success with over 195 students participating on a monthly basis.

Our annual craft fair was again a great success and was well attended despite the weather.
The usage of our meeting rooms has increased by over 40% over the past 12 months.

Edd Mooney
General Manager
Julington Creek Plantation CDD

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